Joel McCausland and Kevin Peay, better known to thousands of loyal fans around the world as the musical duo AFTERGLOW, began their musical career together over 25 years ago in Pleasant Grove, Utah. As juniors they began singing together at school assemblies, performing for community groups and at local fairs. They eventually started singing at LDS firesides, performing for a number of months before leaving for LDS missions in 1980. Before departing, they recorded two musical cassettes under the name AFTERGLOW and sold the tapes to friends and family. By 1984, Deseret Book had signed the duo to a recording contract. They have since recorded 17 albums for Deseret Book, five of which were recorded in England with the London Philharmonic Orchestra: A More Perfect Light, How Great Thou Art, Love at Home, Forever Christmas, and Another Witness. Kevin and Joel have also recorded two love song albums titled 'It Takes Love' & 'Love Notes' and two Nashville produced country albums titled "Close to Home' & "No Love Lost'. Both the love song and country albums are compiled on a two CD set titled Afterglow 'Versatility'. Kevin and his wife Cindy have four children and live in Centerville, Utah. Joel, his wife Kelly and their 6 children reside in Fruit Heights, Utah and surrounding areas. Joel and Kelly are also proud grandparents.

Afterglow Afterglow 25th (Silver) Anniversary Collector's Edition Downloads Afterglow - Afterglow 25th (Silver) Anniversary Collector's Edition
Price: $15.00

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This landmark 2-CD set includes the very best of Afterglow recordings: featuring Vol. 1 The Hymns and Vol. 2 Original Favorites in one convenient s...
Afterglow Mercyville Downloads Afterglow - Mercyville
Price: $9.99
Long-time favorite duo Afterglow returns with Mercyville, a collection of new original songs written to celebrate the joys and challenges of life. Messages including serving others, dealing with loss, experiencing joy and finding our way through life's trials. Afterglow's ne...

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