In the local pop market, Jim Wright is known as "The Voice." It's an apt though unoriginal nickname. Country's Vern Gosdin is called "The Voice." But when you're a pop singer with great pipes, you soon realize the good names are gone: The Velvet Fog, Old Blue Eye's, The King. Wright may have to content himself with being Jim Wright. And after listening to his new CD "Familiar Strangers" you may decide it is not a bad thing to be. Wright is a talent and a major talent. And for a first CD, "Familiar Strangers" is strong and impressive. Yet even though the singer gives his all, listeners might come away wanting more. What would this man with the golden throat do with a classic tune? (imagine him on a Bernstein number.) Perhaps some day we'll know. For now "Familiar Strangers" is a good introduction to the singer and his songs. And just one listen to the song "Roses" is enough to let the world know we'll be hearing from him.

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