After filming the R.M., I let the producers know that I was also a "practicing musician." They asked me to cover a hymn for the soundtrack. I picked my favorite, "If You Could Hie to Kolob." They then asked me to cover a song for their upcoming Christmas album. I chose "I Believe in Santa Claus." At the end of 2002, an actor friend of mine, Will Swenson, sent me an email with a script about a boy band. In 2003, we recorded a pop album and filmed a "making of the band" mockumentary called "Sons of Provo". A song of mine from the "Sons of Provo" soundtrack, "Beautiful Inside", caught the attention of filmmaker Christian Vuissa. Christian and I had met earlier that year during pre-production of his film "Baptists at Our Barbecue". We hit it off as friends and talked of working together. We recorded the album "Inside" during December of 2004. May 2, 2006; My second solo album "Braver Days" is released with Nathan DeVore as producer. This is a more intimate album than my first one. The songs are about taking chances and finding the courage to be better. After listening, you may feel motivated to forgive a brother, realize how great your family is, or take the leap of faith that you have been avoiding. Each song will say what it needs to say to each listener. Every detail in every song on this album has a purpose.

Kirby Heyborne Braver Days Downloads Kirby Heyborne - Braver Days
Price: $9.99
Music that will touch your heart and change your life...from the perfect chord work and intricate rhythms of the guitar, to the original...
Kirby Heyborne Merry White Tree in The Night Downloads Kirby Heyborne - Merry White Tree in The Night
Price: $9.99
When I started thinking about a Christmas album, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on the personal and thoughtful aspects...
Kirby Heyborne The Elm Tree Downloads Kirby Heyborne - The Elm Tree
Price: $9.99
My fourth solo album titled, "The Elm Tree" will be in stores Tues, March 31! It has 10 original songs and includes appearances by Ryan Shupe and his amazing violin, renowned trumpeter, Chris Lane, and a duet with the uber-talented......

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