Sam Payne was born in Provo to a couple of folk singers and raised in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. The son of troubadour and actor Marvin Payne, he grew up to study jazz and theater in college, which took him to stages from West Coast Universities to the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Payne writes and performs with a number of projects, including the locally acclaimed "The Utah Jazz Quintet," but it is perhaps with his original music that color country audiences most identify. Payne's contemporary folk tunes--spinning out gripping yarns of pirates, hobbits, spacemen, and kidnappings, in voicings that range from high folk to grand funk--have established him as a perennial favorite of audiences around the west. Payne is backed these days by drummer Steve Flaig, premier guitarist Steve Lemmon, and wunderkind bassist Ryan Tilby. The press has said of Sam Payne's music: "Payne is one of those few musicians who can successfully combine both songwriting and stage performing. He can write poignant and meaningful lyrics, combine them with a melodic hook, and perform them in a voice that makes you want to close your eyes and drift away."

Sam Payne Father to Son Downloads Sam Payne - Father to Son
Price: $9.99
For a long time, audiences at the merch table have been asking for the album "with the stories on it." Recorded for an intimate studio audience, this is the album. ......
Sam Payne Coming Just To Go Downloads Sam Payne - Coming Just To Go
Price: $9.99
The riveting "Comin' Just to Go" is from nine-time Pearl Award nominee Sam Payne. Already, it's making the family proud: "These guys ......
Sam Payne Railroad Blessing Downloads Sam Payne - Railroad Blessing
Price: $9.99
A spin of Sam Payne's "Railroad Blessing" is like walking into a party--everyone stops to look, all itching to talk to you (it's why they came, aft......
Sam Payne Angel In Snow: Christmas With The Sam Payne Project Downloads Sam Payne - Angel In Snow: Christmas With The Sam Payne Project
Price: $9.99
We have a confession to make. This album, like most Christmas albums maybe, was born not in December, but in the middle of August. We were on a lat......
Sam Payne Bow Me Down Downloads Sam Payne - Bow Me Down
Price: $9.99
It seemed about time, maybe, to make recordings of these songs. They were written, many of them, to be played in the living room-a way to communica......

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