Heather Richey Heather Richey has been writing songs since she was a child. Originally from Canada, Heather has lived and traveled around the world. As a child, Heather lived in a tent for a year and a half in a Mexican Village. Occasionally, she enjoys adventure as she and her husband Sam traveled to the Andes Mountains and to the Peruvian Orphanage, "The Sunflower," teaching Newborn Hygeine and Dental care. Heather has released her third album, "Every Footstep." She was nominated for four music awards in 2005. Heather ran for Mrs. Utah and was Mrs. Global America 2007, standing as a voice for abused children and women. Heather has coached and co-directed America's Junior Miss 2008. Heather enjoys making bread, reading, writing, movies, and most of all being a wife and mother to six beautiful children. Heather's sixth child Cadence passed away from SIDS Dec. 2008. She believes in the value of life, time and to value every person in our lives.

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