FiddleSticks is the Davis family folk group that performs folk songs and traditional tunes from the Celtic lands, from England, and from America. The band is made up of three sisters, Rebecca, Kathryn, and Elizabeth, and their dad Marco Davis as well as Marco's wife, Andi. Featured instruments include fiddle, flutes, cello, bodhran (Irish drum), guitar, and vocals.

Fiddlesticks Farewell to Nauvoo Downloads Fiddlesticks - Farewell to Nauvoo
Price: $9.99
FiddleSticks and Lisa Arrington have combined their talents to present this new collection of hymns and songs from the Mormon Pioneers......
Fiddlesticks Return to Nauvoo Downloads Fiddlesticks - Return to Nauvoo
Price: $9.99
Return to Nauvoo' is the first FiddleSticks collection of hymns. These sacred songs and tunes are mostly traditional, are mostly from the Nauvoo Period......
Fiddlesticks The Cat and the Fiddle Downloads Fiddlesticks - The Cat and the Fiddle
Price: $9.99
With 'The Cat and the Fiddle,' FiddleSticks presents a diverse range of music, mellow and driving, traditional and brand new, ranging from Celtic to 'almost-bluegrass.'...
Fiddlesticks Time and Again Downloads Fiddlesticks - Time and Again
Price: $9.99
The collection is called "Time and Again" because it's a bit retrospective: many of the tunes are old favorites the band has been performing since the family started playing together years ago......
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks Christmas: Cold Fusion Downloads Fiddlesticks - Fiddlesticks Christmas: Cold Fusion
Price: $9.99
Cold Fusion is FiddleSticks' celebration of the music that brightens the Christmas season....

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