Impulse is keyboardist/composer Sam Cardonís 1989 jazz release under Airus Records. During that landmark recording era initiated by the label, Sam Cardon, Kurt Bestor and Michael Dowdle all launched careers as artists. Those albums became springboards for the trioís subsequent sucesses as Utah artists working on a national level. Personnel includes: Sam Cardon (keyboards); Keni Yarbro, Amy Robinson (vocals); Brandon Fields (saxophone); Jeff Kirschen (French horn); Michael Dowdle (guitar); Jim Stout (bass); Todd Sorenson (drums); Mark Chaney (tabla); Kelly Wallis, Jeff Carter, Kenny Hodges (percussion).

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This is the soundtrack to "Innovators," PBS's tribute to the pioneering spirit. The program honors a diverse group of innovators, including the great humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, and the wily John Brodison, who outwitted a polic....

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