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Paul Cardall Primary Worship Downloads

Primary Worship

Paul Cardall

Price: $9.99 Buy MP3 Album

In this new release of primary arrangements, pianist Paul Cardall tenderly captures the innocence and spiritual development of a child. Each piece flows with simple emotion. They are extremely beautiful and memorable melodies including: Baptism, I Love to See the Temple, I am a Child of God, Jesus Said Love Everyone, Keep the Commandments, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, This is God's House, Book of Mormon Stories, Oh, What do you do in the Summertime?, Prelude in F, Reverently, Quietly, and I Feel My Savior's Love.
  Song List Artist Time Price  
Baptism Paul Cardall 3:40 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Love To See The Temple Paul Cardall 4:26 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Am A Child Of God Paul Cardall 5:49 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Jesus Said Love Everyone Paul Cardall 4:08 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Keep The Commandments Paul Cardall 3:01 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
My Heavenly Father Loves Me Paul Cardall 5:02 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
This Is God's House Paul Cardall 3:01 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Book Of Mormon Stories Paul Cardall 6:47 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime? Paul Cardall 2:52 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Prelude in F Paul Cardall 2:33 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Reverently, Quietly Paul Cardall 3:09 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Feel My Savior's Love Paul Cardall 3:27 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Primary Worship Bonus Track Paul Cardall 4:25 0.99 Buy MP3 Song

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