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Sam Payne Coming Just To Go Downloads

Coming Just To Go

Sam Payne

Price: $9.99 Buy MP3 Album

The riveting "Comin' Just to Go" is the newest CD from nine-time Pearl Award nominee Sam Payne. Already, it's making the family proud: "These guys have really outdone themselves with this one. "Don't change a thing!" raves the Southern Utah press, and with added touches by special guests like Cherie Call and Ryan Shupe, Payne's "Coming Just to Go" is sure to take up perennial residence next to your favorite albums. In styles ranging from high folk to big funk, “Coming Just to Go” balances the virtuoso folk performances of “That’s America” (with Ryan Tilby of Peter Breinholt’s “Big Prade”) and “Sunflower” (a duet with the remarkable Cherie Call), against the fusion-influenced “Cool” and “Act II.” In addition, the album is punctuated by wacky free-foralls like “Shazam” (with Ryan Shupe) and the title rack “Coming Just to Go,” a Bo Diddley blues that will bring the roof down.
  Song List Artist Time Price  
So Unfamiliar Sam Payne 3:47 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Cloudy Dan Sam Payne 3:46 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
She's Got Me Swimming Sam Payne 3:34 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
High School Sam Payne 3:13 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Sunflower Sam Payne 2:42 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Act Two Sam Payne 3:58 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Shazam Sam Payne 3:36 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Rise Up and Shine Sam Payne 4:03 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Freight Train Sam Payne 3:22 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
That's America Sam Payne 4:04 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Cool Sam Payne 4:31 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Coming Just to Go Sam Payne 5:55 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Holy Sam Payne 3:34 0.99 Buy MP3 Song

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