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Sara Bethany Ham Wanna Be Brave Downloads

Wanna Be Brave

Sara Bethany Ham

Price: $9.99 Buy MP3 Album

“Youthful, fresh, vibrant, sincere, upbeat and wholesome-just what we’ve been wishing for”, say the youth and parents who’ve heard Sara Bethany Ham’s new debut album: Wanna Be Brave, produced by Greg Hansen. Memorably riveting songs include: “Bring On the Rain”, “I Am”, and “Pure In Heart”, showcased by Sara’s warm and sincere voice, slightly reminiscent of Christian artist Nichole Nordemann. At 20, Sara has been previously featured as a soloist on Jenny Phillip’s albums. “ I wanted young people to know they can still be cool without lowering their standards,” says Sara, who grew up in California. Her album is positive, motivating and filled with powerful messages of faith, testimony and courage, with a sound youth will love.
  Song List Artist Time Price  
Wanna Be Brave Sara Bethany Ham 4:12 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Bring On The Rain Sara Bethany Ham 3:08 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Am Sara Bethany Ham 5:20 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Awake Sara Bethany Ham 3:27 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Believe In You Sara Bethany Ham 4:10 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Pure In Heart Sara Bethany Ham 3:39 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Far From Here Sara Bethany Ham 4:01 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Abide With Me Sara Bethany Ham 3:35 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Here I Am Sara Bethany Ham 4:26 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Answer Sara Bethany Ham 3:43 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Do They See Jesus in Me Sara Bethany Ham 4:35 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
I Think Of You Sara Bethany Ham 3:14 0.99 Buy MP3 Song

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