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Irene Peery-Fox Piano Series 1 Downloads

Piano Series 1

Irene Peery-Fox

Price: $9.99 Buy MP3 Album

A treasure of energy and artistry, and always a favorite on the concert stage, BYU's Irene Peery-Fox debuts her long-awaited Tantara CD series with this initial collection of favorites, including the premiere recording of Boyle's Ballade. The pianist's command of Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Schubert material is legendary, with her technique always matching the drama of the music. Peery-Fox can be delicate or explosive and she always seems to play with boundless energy. Piano fans will want to collect this first volume of the forthcoming Irene Peery series.
  Song List Artist Time Price  
Rachmaninoff-Prelude In B-flat Major Irene Perry-Fox 3:31 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Rachmaninoff-Prelude In D Major Irene Perry-Fox 4:36 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Boyl-Ballade Irene Perry-Fox 11:18 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Chopin-Berecuse Irene Perry-Fox 5:50 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Schubert-Sonata In A Minor-Allegro Giusto Irene Perry-Fox 12:18 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Schubert-Sonata In A Minor-Andante Irene Perry-Fox 4:49 0.99 Buy MP3 Song
Schubert-Sonata In A Minor-Allegro Vivace Irene Perry-Fox 4:41 0.99 Buy MP3 Song

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