Standard Bearer
Bring Me Home

Afterglow 25th (Silver) Anniversary Collector's Edition

Alex Boye

Algie Powers

Amy Osmond

Amy Van Wagenen

Andy Brevik

Annie Bailey
There is Joy

April Meservy
Somewhere Between Sunsets

April Moriarty

Arthur Shepherd
Arthur Shepherd Selected Works

Barry Hansen
My Soul Hungered
I'm A Celebrity - Single

Beverly Hansen

Brian Stucki - Massimiliano Frani
Rachmaninov | Without Words

BYU Concert Choir
Beautiful River

BYU Men's Chorus
Shout With Glory
Awake My Soul

BYU Philharmonic Orchestra and the Combined Choirs of BYU

BYU Songwriters

BYU Women's Chorus
Wondrous Love

Cathy Neff
Let Him In

Charlotte Ducos

Chasey Curry

Choir Music

Chris Heimerdinger

Christmas Music

Christy Riches Hinkson

Cody Hale
The Singles 2nd Ward

Cori Connors
Pontiac Rocket
Sleepy Little Town

Danielle Vaughn

Dave Tinney

David Glenn Hatch/Marden Pond

David Tolk
Stories in the Sky

Debbie West Coon
You Are Loved
Come And Never Leave

Donna Max

Douglas Bush - David Brown
Majestic Airs

e11even: Songs of Family, Faith, Love & Fun

Elizabeth Velez Urie

Emma Mead
Who Am I

Farewell to Nauvoo
Return to Nauvoo
The Cat and the Fiddle
Time and Again
Fiddlesticks Christmas: Cold Fusion

Friends of Martin's Cove

George Dyer

Ginger Riggs

Grant Johannensen

Greg Hansen
In His Embrace
My Lord, What A Morning
Believe in Him
The Whole Armor of God
True to the Faith

Because I Believe
Youth - The Greatest Generation

Heather Richey

Insideout A Cappella
Sharing Time
So It Seems
Primary Colors


Irene Peery-Fox
Piano Series 1

Ivoga Green and Niu Taala
Quiet Intensity

J. Steineckert

Jake White
Sunday Morning

James F. Wright

Jamie Bartschi

Janice Kapp Perry
My Lord, What A Morning
Heal Our Land
Best of Janice Kapp Perry Vol 1
Best of Janice Kapp Perry Vol 2
Let The Morning Come
Celtic Variations
Jesus' Love Is Like A River
This is Jesus
The Locket
Let’s Sing About the Latter-Day Prophets
When a Prophet Speaks
Let The Holy Spirit Guide
With All My Heart
My God is Love
Put Your Arms Around the World
He Brought Me Light
Holding Hands Around the World
By Small and Simple Means
A Song of the Heart
The Savior of the World
Come To The Manger
As A Child Of God
A Time to Share
As Temples Fill The Earth
Christmas A Holiday of the Heart
Far Different Places
For the Strength of Youth
Freedom's Light
The Light Within
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures in the New Testament
In the Hollow of Thy Hand
We'll Bring the World His Truth
The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth
Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures in the Articles of Faith
Los Clásicos de Janice Kapp Perry Vol. 1
Su Luz en Mi
Where Is Heaven
He Brought Me Light
My Faith in Jesus Leads Me On
There Will Be Light
The Things of Eternity
The Sisters of Zion
In the Arms of His Love
Los Clásicos de Janice Kapp Perry Vol. 2
The Church of Jesus Christ
The Mother's Day Collection, Vol. 3: Hymns for Her
A Woman's Heart
Christmas Magic All Around
The Army of Helaman: Ultimate Missionary Collection
Beloved Double Melodies of Janice Kapp Perry
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. V
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. 4
Let Me Be a Light
When Love Leads the Way
The Mother's Day Collection, Vol. 1
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. VIII
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. VI
Sua Luz Em Mim
Canta Mi Corazón
The Mother's Day Collection, Vol. 2
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. VII
A Gift of Love
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol. IX
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol.
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol XI
Soft Sounds for a Soothing Sunday, Vol XII
Merry Christmas to You
Por Meios Pequenos e Simples
Ao Sentir Seu Amor

Jason Tonioli
December Snow

Jay Young
One More Stone

Jeff Goldman

Jennifer Lerud

Jessie Clark Funk
You Know Better Than I
Clay in His Hands
Everything Speaks His Name
As Sisters in Zion - Single

Joe Harris

Jon Schmidt
A Day in the Sunset
August End
Hymns Without Words
Jon Schmidt Christmas
To the Summit
Walk in the Woods
Bonus Tracks

Joshua Creek

Joy Gardner

Julie Baird
His Tender Care

Karen Larsen

Kathryn Withers

Keith Driskill
A Time of Innocence

Kerry Christensen
Sweatin' to the Yodeling Oldies

Kevin Pace

Kevin Peay

Kindred Hearts

Kindred Voices

Kirby Heyborne
Braver Days
Merry White Tree in The Night
The Elm Tree

Kurt Bestor
Rigoletto (Original Score)
Joyspring: Images
Kurt Bestor Christmas, Vol. 1
Silent Night, Beautiful Night
The Dance
Kurt Bestor Christmas, Vol. 2
Joyspring II
Outside the Lines
All Through the Night
Kurt Bestor Christmas Twentieth Anniversary Special Edition
One Silent Night
A Kurt Bestor Christmas - By Request
Sweet Is the Work: Peaceful Missionary Hymns On Flute and Harp
Joyspring - Images - Piano
Evening Angels
Morning Has Broken
The Lamb of God (Original Score)
The Ghost of Dickens Past
While He Lives I'll Sing
Return of the Macaws - Single
Dawn of the Wolves - Single
Timpanogos: A Prayer for Mountain Grace

Lacie Kirk

Lakeview Recording

Lara Johnson
Songs of Everlasting Joy

Leroy Robertson
A Treasury of Chamber Music

Lex De Azevedo

Linda Kay Burk
Sunshine is Love

Lindy Kerby
Thy God, My God

Lynne Perry Christofferson
Keeping Sheep
Lift Your Mind Higher
As Temples Fill The Earth
Christmas A Holiday of the Heart

M. Gene Hoffman
The Ocean Meets the Sky

Marden Pond

Marilyn Lanier

Mark Small

Marvin Goldstein
My Favorite Songs from LDS Songwriters
A Musical Companion: Favorite Missionary Hymns
A Gift of Love
Favorite Hymns of the Prophets
Sacred Piano Preludes
Inspirational Notes
Lead Kindly Light
Count Your Blessings & Other Favorite Hymns
Hymns of Praise
OH LORD, My Redeemer
A Marvin Goldstein Christmas
Friends & Brothers (A Unique Blend of Gospel Favorites)
A Marvin Goldstein Christmas Orchestra

Marvin Payne
Family: A Joyful Proclamation
The Trail of Dreams

Melissa Burke
The Gift of God in You

Merrill Bradshaw

Michael Dowdle
Twenty Five Beloved Primary Songs
Twenty Five Beloved Hymns of Prayer & Faith
Twenty Five Beloved Hymns of the Restoration
Twenty Five Beloved Hymns of Christ
Twenty Five Beloved Carols of Christmas
A Brighter Day

Michael Ethington

Michael Hicks
Valentine St.
Ritual Grounds

Michele Baer
You're Worth It All

Michelle Ruward

Mindy Gledhill
Feathers in the Wind

Minus Tracks

My Sisters

Nancy DeMello and Friends
Faith, Hope and Love

Neil Bradley Owen
Front Porch Prose
Peace and Harmony

Nicole Sheahan
Invisible Facts


One Clear Voice
One Clear Voice

Oswald Goeckeritz

Pam Nielsen
40 Hymns for Forty Days
New Life

Parley Belnap
Parley Belnap At The Organ, BYU Jerusalem Center

Paul Cardall
Primary Worship
Songs of Praise
The Hymns Collection (2 Disc Set)
40 Hymns for Forty Days
New Life
Living for Eden (2 Disc Set)
Christmas Hymns
Sacred Piano
Hymns - Piano Solos
The Christmas Box
Hymns Vol. 2
Ephraim's Rescue Soundtrack
Be Calm: Brain Healthy Music - EP
A Sacred Christmas Piano Collection
Saving Tiny Hearts
Sign of Affection
Miracles - a Journey of Hope & Healing
Chill Collection
The Looking Glass
The Celebrate Life Concert
Daily Devotions
Passing Time - EP
Sign of Affection (10th Anniversary)
Scarborough Fair - EP
The Celebrate Life Concert - Single

'til it storms
The Healer of our Hearts

Peter Breinholt
Deep Summer
Live September
The Best of Peter Breinholt
Songs About the Great Divide
All the Color Green
Lullaby (feat. One Voice Children's Choir) - Single

Rachelle Call
Something Wonderful

Rebecca Lopez

Reid Nibley
Quiet Classics Piano Meditations

Robert Cundick
A Full House and Other Family-Centered Works

Roger Hoffman
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy
Lullabies of Jesus and Other Gentle Songs
Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures of the Family Proclamation

Roy L. Rummer

Sam Cardon

Sam Payne
Father to Son
Coming Just To Go
Railroad Blessing
Angel In Snow: Christmas With The Sam Payne Project
Bow Me Down

Sara Bethany Ham
Wanna Be Brave

Sara Larsen
Find a Grove

Sara Lyn Baril

Sharon Hopkins
Lead Kindly Light

Shaun Barrowes

Shauna Hart

Singers Unlimited


Sounds of Zion/IMS

Steve Lerud

Steve Meredith

Steve Roberts

Steven Kapp Perry
From Cumorah's Hill
Family: A Joyful Proclamation
Polly: A One Woman Musical
This is Jesus
The Trail of Dreams
Let The Holy Spirit Guide
Another Testament
Message in Motion
Far Into the Heart
As Temples Fill The Earth
Christmas A Holiday of the Heart

High Road

Tammy Simister Robinson
One Clear Voice

The Mumfords

Three Sacred Works
Three Sacred Works

Tim Noah
Faces of Christmas

Todd McCabe

Trudy Seely


Utah Trombone Authority
Utah Trombone Authority

Various Artists
Escape To a Place of Peace and Calm
It Starts With A Song Vol 2
Efy 2015 Here Am I (Especially for Youth)

Vickie Christensen
Down By The River

Vocal Point
Lead Thou Me On
He Is Born

Wayne Burton
This Night
Me Convertiré
Closer To Heaven
Gracias Dar
The First Noel
Times Like These

Will Kimball - Timothy Smith

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